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Posted in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Glitches Posted March 22nd, 2010 4 Comments

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4 Responses to “Shotgun the New Sniper”

  1. gangskapunk Says:

    haha i love this i do the same with the usas, love the shotguns

  2. Kris Says:


  3. PostalTony Says:

    Although I didnt watch the video, im sure I know what happens. Its because the Magnum Rounds upgrade for the shotgun turns the standard pellet filled shells into solid shot. As far as I can tell when playing, there is no drop in the shots path hahaha

  4. Shotgunlover Says:

    LoL its the Slug shells not the magnum ammo.
    Slug is a spec1 while the magnum ammo is spec 2.
    thats why you can snipe with them dice made a mistake and fked it up not giving them any drop

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