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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted January 4th, 2011 3 Comments

COD Points to Spend On Player Card After Prestige

This will get you all your cod points that you used to have before you prestige and you can keep doing it for unlimited times!

1) Do the lan glitch and get to level 10

2) click on custom classes

3) it will kick you out of game

4) Go to player match , you will be level 10 with all COD points before prestige!!!

5) Go to edit player card and buy whatever you want ( layers,etc ANYTHING!) and save them.

6) Go to main menu

7) Back to MP , you will be back to lvl 1 with all layers,etc you bought!!

You must be level 1 with no xp to level 2!

Now you can buy prestige layers,titles for FREE and start with them once you prestige!

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3 Responses to “COD Points to Spend On Player Card After Prestige”

  1. jay miz Says:

    lan whats thatn even mean

  2. admin Says:

    Local Area Network, like your Home Network. LAN Gaming is where you play with other’s on the same Local Network.

  3. slugsnail6 Says:

    wat is the lan glitch then and how do u do it

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