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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted November 20th, 2010 2 Comments

Give Your Clan Tag a Color in Black Ops

New Tutorial

*Note: you will need 2 xbox gold accounts

1)go to split screen with both of you xbox accounts
2)go to your second account’s file share
3)go on your 2 account’s controller(the one not getting colored clan tag) and go to its friend list
4)click your other profile(the one getting colored clan tag)from the friends list and view COD playercard
5)view combat record and then click back
6)go to clan tag type whatever you want and pick a color
7)back out and go to player match
8)back out and go to player match with the account that doesn’t have the color clan tag.

Old Tutorial

So, in a normal multiplayer party, hover over your name
Then press back and go to Local > Split screen
When you’re in a split screen lobby, press up and then press whatever button you use to select stuff.
After that, your MP playercard will appear
Click on Clan tag, and you can change the colors and shiz.
now you can have any colour clan tag for free

Credit To xKJB For Video

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2 Responses to “Colored Clan Tag Glitch”

  1. colby Says:

    does not work on 360

  2. Mike Says:

    This is already patched for ps3

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