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Use a Valkyrie Rocket Under Water

Use a Valkyrie Rocket Under Water on the map Crisis

Source: Se7enSins

Step-by-Step Text Tutorial:
*Note* This only works on the map “Crisis”

1.) Get a Valkyrie Rocket, and switch to it.
2.) Aim down the Valkyrie’s sights, and launch a rocket.
3.) Carefully maneuver it so that it both goes under the water, but does not hit the sea floor. Hitting the sea floor will result in your killstreak being destroyed.
4.) You Are Now Using Your Valkyrie Rocket Underwater! You now have a Valkyrie Torpedo

How to Kill Someone with Your Valkyrie Torpedo

1.) Once you have your rocket underwater, fly it back into the map.
2.) Press up on your analog stick, so your killstreak comes out of the ground, and into the air.
3.) You’re Done! You Now Have Just Used Your Valkyrie Rocket, turned “Sea-to-Air” Torpedo, to Kill Someone!

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