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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted December 5th, 2010 1 Comment

Use This Glitch to Reset Other Player’s Rank in Black Ops

Text Tutorial:

-How to derank-

1)Invite your friend/victim to a player
match and Xbox Live Party

2)Tell him to go to his PlaryerCard,

3)Tell him to hit Y to change filter

4)You change the Lobby to Combat

5)Tell your victim to open up the
xbox live party and click on your
profile then view CoD PlayerCard

6)Tell him to keep pressing B until
he gets to his PlayerCard and go
down to Prestige Mode

7)Tell him to go through all of the steps

8)Change to Player Match and tell him
to Enter Prestige

9)Laugh as your victim cries

Another Video Tutorial:

Another Text Tut:

Step 1: Have the person who is going to be reset get to rank 50 on combat training (can be any prestige)
Step 2: tell them you are going to prestige them on combat training.
Step 3: Invite them to a player match
Step 4: switch lobby to combat training
Step 5: tell them to go to prestige and click A once.
Step 6: switch to playermatch
Step 7: have them finish off clicking through the steps to prestige

They Will Be Rank one with the same stats!

I dont know if they will be put to lvl one on the prestige they are on as i have only done this with someone who hadn’t prestiged

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One Response to “DeRank Glitch/ Reset Other Player’s Rank”

  1. NW97 Says:

    Does this stil work?
    If it does can you do this on me I got bored when high level!
    My gamertag is N00BW1LL1AM I got more than one gamertag my other gamertags is N00BK1LLER PR0W1LL1AM
    My two brothers gamertags is BrackishBird97 and FEL1XNAV1DAD
    plz reset bb97 or me.

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