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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted November 15th, 2010 8 Comments

A Glitch where you cannot dies, however, you also can’t get any kills with a Gun (You Can Still Knife, though)

New Method (Can Kill People By Knifing)
1. RCXD and Valkyrie as killstreaks
2. Call in Valkyrie airdrop, Shoot Valkyrie Missile up into the air.
3. While its in the air, get your player killed and change class
4. When you respawn immediatly call in RCXD.
5. The screen will fade as your valkyrie missile goes to far away.
6. You will be standing there free to run around without a gun, you can knife. you are in god mode.

Old Method

Playing Demolition on Firing Range, a host migration occurred right in the beginning once that finished the game started. It was business as usual until my first encounter with the enemy team. I could shoot/knife/grenade but couldn’t kill or be killed. This happened until the next round started. I was the only one affected by this, all of my team mates could still kill and die.

Luckily for ‘theater’ mode i was able to record and upload a 30 sec clip (i don’t have stuff to record). I have the whole 10 min match of me in “god mode” if someone wants to record it in the theater lobby.

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8 Responses to “God Mode”

  1. Rofl_Your_Dead Says:

    I would love to see this =) my psn name is same name i used above, add me and invite me, put a message on the friend invite as God mode so i know its you =)

  2. Radd Says:

    Add me

  3. Derek Says:

    will this last forever or until the end of the match

  4. yo mamma123 Says:

    is this 4 360 & ps3

  5. DeathxxStalker Says:

    My gamertag is DeathxxStalker please add me so I can be in god mode mircosoft points will be given when possible thank you

  6. Emk Says:

    Its patched

  7. Quinlan Says:

    How u do it

  8. Quinlan Says:

    I would like to do i them all

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