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Exactly as the Title states, Fall Out of the Sky and Swim in Mid-Air in the Map Havana

Source: Se7enSins

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

How to Fall Out of the Sky on Havana

1.) Do the “Carepackage Glitch” to get outside of the map.

2.) Get a running start, and jump into the water.

3.) Swim forward until you fall off of the edge of the map.

4.) That’s It! You will now teleport into the sky, and fall through the entire map 2 times.

How to Swim in Mid-Air on Havana

1.) After falling out of the sky, your character will begin to tread water under the map.

2.) Swim upwards until your above the surface of the water.

3.) Now using your mini-map, swim back into the map.

4.) After coming back to the map, you will begin to swim in mid-air, above the ground.

5.) That’s It! You can now go and explore every inch of the Havana map.


You will now be able to swim through any wall, or solid surface

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4 Responses to “Havana Glitches: Fall Out of the Sky and Swim in Mid-Air”

  1. Ben Says:

    I can never get the care package glitch right ive done it several times please help

  2. Allan Says:

    Add djclockwise on xbox,thats me,i’ll help

  3. Jordan Says:

    Plz help got ps3 cant do Care pak breach done

  4. magnus Says:

    how do i do the care package on pc

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