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Get out of Nuketown Alive in Black Ops

Get out of Nuketown Alive in Black Ops

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

1.) Start a Game, on the map “Nuketown”.

2.) Perform the “Carepackage Glitch” next to the “Fallout Shelter”, in the backyard of the Green Painted House.

3.) While knifing your partner, press the analog stick back, so you are walking backwards towards the “Fallout Shelter”. If done correctly, you will be inside the shelter.

4.) Once inside the shelter, knife at your partner again.

5.) You will now be out of the map, and on solid ground!

6.) Feel free to run around wherever you want! Just remember, keep putting your “Tactical Insertion” down

Congrats! You Are Now Out of Nuketown, and On Solid Ground! Go Explore! No Carepackage Walking Needed!

Credits to Myself (Doctor Ditchy) & VATS (TheTeslaEffect) for Finding and Posting it!

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  1. stephen Says:

    hey how do u got out of the map on nuketwon plz

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