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Survive a Rolling Thunder Attack on the Map Nuketown

Survive a Rolling Thunder Attack on the Map Nuketown

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

***How to Survive a Direct Hit From the Rolling Thunder Killstreak, on Nuketown***

Survive in the Yellow House:

1.)When a Rolling Thunder strike is called in, run up to the second floor, and enter the room.

2.) Go over the desk, and turn so you are facing the chair.

3.) Crouch, and walk up against the left side of the chair, so you are touching both the arm of the chair, and the desk.

4.) *Important* As the the plane (B-52) flies above you, do not move. If you move,you will die. The same rule applies to doing anything else. —> No reloading, no planting claymores, no setting a “Tactical Insertions”, etc….

5.) Congrats! You Just Survived a Direct Hit From Inside the Yellow House.

**Survive Outside, Infront of the Yellow House:**

1.) When the B-52 is flying towards you, run up to the standing bushes, that are directly next to the door of the house.

2.) Sprint up towards them, while jumping up and down.

3.) You Lived & Didn’t Take Any Damage!

*Survive in the Backyard of the Green Painted House:*

1.) When the bomber appears, and starts flying towards you, run and position yourself directly under the porch, between the house, and the stairs.

2.) You Guessed it Right, You Survived a Direct Hit Here Also!

Have Fun Living Longer, and Keeping Your Streak Alive!

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  1. Mark Says:

    Or u could just have flak jacket on and stay in the house

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