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A Way to Get Out of All the Maps in Black Ops

This is a barrier breaker to get out of every map in call of duty black ops on multiplayer private or public. I don’t encourage public but it’s your choice.

Written Tutorial:

1. First thing first.. ThIs is a HOST ONLY barrier breaker. No one else can do this

2. The host needs to get an RC-XD car and blow it up near the barrier breaker spot.

3. Your friend who is performing the glitch on you needs to get an rc car also.

4. Then the host will start jumping in the corner you want to barrier break. You can use one of the spots in the video we shown you (recommended) or find your own.

5. Your Friend needs to call his rc car and drive into you.

6. The host will then reapidly run around in a circle motion, making sure you are still hitting the corner.

7. As you hit the corner while running around jump up and down.

8. Keep repeating this motion while your friend performs his part.


9. Your friend needs to keep driving back and forward while hitting you as you are hitting the corner.

Basicilly that is it


As you friend hits the corner and the rc car hits the corner at the exact same time you willl get hit through the barrier. This is why the host runs round in a circle and the rc car backs up and forward.


Make a custom game with 1 killstreak being an rc car . The 2 and 3rd being a care package.

You need to find certain corners (you’ll see in the video the spots where it’s proved to work) that dont have walls on them

Go into spectator to find a bit that has solid ground. If your camera goes underneath the ground then the ground isn’t solid

Make sure you have tactical inserstion on so you can keep respawning outside the map without performing the glitch again.

o0Teoz Mobsby0o , JoerMama (FuseGlitchers) , MadManMcclinton (o0 LJM 0o), rPlod.

The glitch, method and spots to get outside the map was found by us.

If you copy and paste this to another site keep the credits

The video was made by Fuse Glitchers and I have permission to upload as it is also a glitch that I found.

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    Really cool i been needing to show my friends some new glitches.
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