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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted December 24th, 2010 5 Comments

Prestige in the Combat Training Mode of Black Ops

Ok guys, I stumbled across this when I was using “ox matto xo’s” How to buy Online Emblems/Backgrounds with CT money. So the credit goes to him, and to me for finding out the prestige part (if it was not noticed yet).. I guess “ox matto xo”, was 15th prestige when doing his buying the emblems and backrounds, and could not notice that he had figured out a way to prestige that works after the patch that was released on Tuesday (due to the fact that he was already 15th prestige)… I was 14th prestige level 50, thinking I was stuck there for good, so I just wanted to use “ox matto xo’s” guide to get my emblems and backround when I looked down at the prestige option, right before I was going to purchase my emblems, and I noticed the prestige option was open.. So to keep it short, all you do is follow “ox matto xo’s” tutorial, and at the end of his tutorial where u can buy your emblems and transfer them to you online account, just look down at the prestige option and it will be unlocked, now you can prestige again!!! Its that easy!! Thanks to “ox matto xo’s” tutorial for showing me the way.. Now I am prestige 15, and currently working on getting to level 50…

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5 Responses to “Prestige In Combat Training”

  1. Mongo Says:

    It is easier that dudes way

  2. wolf ita Says:


  3. wolf ita Says:

    but this glitch working?

  4. your mom Says:

    this makes no sense. its confusing. you should really try to tell us HOW TO DO IT!!!!!!!!

  5. cod4MODSnGLITCHES Says:

    That way has been patched as far as i know but my way still works from the 16th april 2011 send me a friend request on this n il tell u how :L

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