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A Glitch for Gaining XP in Black Ops for the PS3 in Split Screen Mode

A Glitch for Gaining XP in Black Ops for the PS3 in Split Screen Mode

Source: NextGenUpdate

1st and foremost, all credits go to NextGenPen|s for finding this glitch… I just made a video to show proof to everyone who asked if it works.. NextGenPen|s, found the glitch, so his job is done, its up to us to post up videos for proof.. Now I will not bullshit u, when NextGenPen|s said that u need to have perfect timing to get this to work, he was not bullshitting us…lol… I got it to work for me 3 times out of about 150 times…Keep in mind I recorded this video with my cell phone, so the quality is not that great, but u can see the playlist # if u look hard enough.. Oh yeah, I did not use free for all in this video, I used demolition, that is why both of my players ended up on the same team.. Yea, I failed…lol..

Edit: In this video u will see that I ended up with both players on 1 team.. This sometimes happens with this glitch, as u can see I was trying to set up Demolition as the game type.. That is why it is best to use “Free For All” as ur game mode.. Because u will not have to worry about being on the same team, since it takes soooo damn long to get the glitch to work…

1. Have a friend in a player match lobby that has the privacy set to “open”
2. Go to Local > Split Screen > And choose the map/game mode u want.. I recommend “free for all”
3. Now u bring in ur 2nd player in the lobby, and hover over/highlight start game
4. Press (O) to back out of Split Screen, then choose Local, then highlight/hover over Split Screen
5. Press triangle to bring up ur friends list, and choose ur friend who is sitting in Player Match lobby
6. Go to the “join session” option in ur friends options…
7. Press (X) to join ur friends session..
8. Immediately after u press (X) to join session, with both controllers u simultaneously (at the same time) press (X) on both of ur controllers as fast and quickly as u can.. And that’s it folks….

Like I said B4, step #8, is going to be the tricky part.. I occasionally ended up in a split screen match with the map and game type showing when the game is loading up.. If this happens to u, then u know u are close to getting this bad boy to work… I did boost with this glitch the 1st time I got it to work, and I did not get banned, and all the stats did stick for online.. So good luck, and hopefully someone will find a easier way!!!

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  1. Peyman581 Says:

    So far ive done it (I think) twice. Both times after about 6 or 7 seconds it kicks me out and says “game no longer available”. Any help?

    Also, in theory, you could just go to game mode settings and set enemies to 9 and play with only one human player, you.

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