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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted January 17th, 2011 23 Comments

Use this Glitch to Obtain all the Unlockables in Black Ops such as Golden Guns and Cammos

1) Have a friend to invite you to a theater lobby!
2) Tell him to switch between player match and theater mode repeatedly
3) Do this until you get a black loading screen
4) It should show you that you’re searching a player match, stay in there until the errors come up.
5) Press B twice when you see both errors, you should be in the Multiplayer menu now!
6) Go to Local and then Systemlink
7) Edit a class and hover over a random gold camo.
8) Tell your friend to back out and you should get the error saying that the game session is no longer available, you should be in player match now!
9) Switch the lobby to private match and create your classes (Remember to fix all your classes depending on your prestige)
10) Start up.
11) End the game and then go to a public match kill yourself then back out to make sure your classes stay
12) Enjoy your stuff

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23 Responses to “Unlock Everything (Golden Guns, Cammos, Etc.) [Patched]”

  1. brownbob06 Says:

    This is patched. When you get to the step to play in a public match everything is grayed out and unselectable.

  2. brownbob06 Says:

    nvm, you have to back out to the multiplayer menu, then select player match, you can’t just change lobbies, works like a charm!

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  4. Jacgren Says:

    Works great! A little hard at first, but once you do it a few times it’s great! Had a whole lobby of this with my friends!

  5. Nick Says:

    Perfect, it took a good few tries but it’s working! Remember, you need the person getting the guns/camo etc. to say as soon as he sees the black loading screen so the person changing lobbies can stop changing them. As soon as I realised this, it worked every time!

  6. Matt Says:

    Hey I need a partner for this.

    Anyone want to help me out?

    xbl gt – Weasley F Baaby – just send me a message.

  7. Dann Says:

    after a few tries it work, just make sure you get the timing right of the black screen

  8. Alex Says:

    It really works????

  9. CT Says:

    Do you need to prestige to try this?????

  10. CT Says:

    Do you need to prestige to try this????

  11. Caleb Says:

    yeah it really works, just do it several times and it hasnt been patched yet… my guess is that it will be when the map pack comes out.

  12. Artie Says:


  13. Sidefx Says:

    This got Patched on 1/19/2011, I had this done prior to the patch and had gotten a msg from a “xbox admin” stating i was hacking and so on, and had all my stuff in COD Blackops Reset. This Way NO longer works they Fixed it to where When you get to the Multilayer screen it “removes” you from the grp. there for no Last Error Msg to finalize the glitch. Have a good one guys,

  14. brownbob06 Says:

    They JUST patched this a few minutes ago. The guns I had that I hadn’t earned appear as big orange marks with a cross through it and none of my guns are gold, and no pro perks are there anymore. Was good while it lasted, but since I’m not a big enough loser to play this game will 14th prestige, I guess I’ll never see gold guns again!

  15. AG Says:

    Guys! I got news for you. I did this on the 19th on my system and my sons and sure enough 3 hours later I lost all my gold guns.

    The funny thing is my son still has all his Gold guns!
    So this is weird. Anyone know of any other glitches to unlock all the guns or Prestige levels?

  16. SlammaJamma Says:

    What’s the point of playing a game with cheats, anyway?
    \Gee, I smoked everyone using cheats….\ You should feel so proud!

  17. Killa 76 Says:

    I need a partner ps3 gt Dontae71 on from 4 pm to 10

  18. zach Says:

    does this still work

  19. some dude Says:

    wow, this was lacking so much fine detail, you need to make a better walkthrough, illustrate, and overall, write better instructions, your lack of instruction has actually motivated me to play the game and work up to what I want the natural way, thanks for nothing.

  20. Reece Says:

    do you know how to get all guns unlocked for free on the wii?

  21. Dennis Says:

    Why hack the game? why can’t you just play the game like everyone else? Hacking the game makes it unfair and no longer fun to play for the people who actually play fairly.

  22. vertigoelectric Says:

    I realize this is an old article, but I’d like to make something clear.

    I find that a glitch like this could be extremely useful without having anything to do with ‘cheating’ or getting an unfair advantage over others.

    My friend and I play private matches and it would just be nice to be able to have all of the items available to use in those private matches (like MW3). We have no interest in playing random strangers in public matches. Our use of the unlocked items would not affect anybody else.

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