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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted September 6th, 2010 7 Comments

AC130 Glitch and Unlimited Launcher Ammo with the AC130

-Primary Weapon: Any
-Secondary Weapon: Any Launcher (Preferably RPG)
-Care Package Marker

The Glitch:
1. Join a game and choose your class with your prefered launcher as the secondary weapon.

2. Now you need to get an 11 killstreak. *It is very important that you do not use your care package.*

3. Press right on the D-Pad to call in your AC130. Right as the laptop is opening, press the knife button.

4. Once the screen turns black press right on the D-Pad, and your weapon should appear in the bottom right.

5. Now press Y to switch to your launcher and you are set!

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7 Responses to “AC 130 Glitch Unlimited Launcher Ammo”

  1. ladiesman4217 Says:

    thats is sooo sick ive done it a coulple of times

  2. Brianfiggy Says:

    Actually when you do this glitch you can shoot any weapon your equipped with. I am waiting for some one to snipe from the ac130. That’d be an epic long no scope.

  3. Brianfiggy Says:

    To clearify you can have a shot gun as a secondary and it will still work. Also you can shoot your primary. Just press Triangle(Y) to switch. You can see your equipment HUD while in the AC130 view

  4. nethawk Says:

    what is the point of the care pack?

  5. xMELVIN DUMASSx Says:

    I found that this also works for any other gun, not just launchers, but that was on split screen

  6. Go Says:

    Works on Ps3 Still

  7. alex Says:

    umm thats awesome but theres a nother glitch were you can get inside the tube thing

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