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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted October 31st, 2010 7 Comments

Here is a tutorial for Automatic Steady Aim for Snipers in Modern Warfare 2

Having trouble sniping?
tired of holding the R3 analog stick down to snipe?

In game tutorial

1. Change your Button Layout to “Lefty”. (Pause, Options, Button Layout). Resume the game.

2. Hold down R3/Right Stick. Do not let go until I say to.

3. Pause the game, and go back to the Button Layout menu.

4. Select “Default”, and then press Circle once so you’re back at the main pause menu.

5. Let go of R3/Right Stick.

6. Resume the game.

7. Try walking forward. If you sprint automatically, then the glitch worked for you. If not, redo the steps and make sure R3/Right Stick is held down the whole time.

Now every time you jump (and are walking forward) you will sprint. If you jump and are not walking forward, you will sprint the next time you walk forward.

8. Now just Aim normally, and you will automatically hold your breath, so it makes it easier to snipe cuz you dont have to hold down R3/Right Stick anymore Very Happy

Credits to Mike_Hawk

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7 Responses to “Automatic Steady Aim for Snipers”

  1. Ryan, The Ryan Says:


  2. phirst1 Says:

    Cool, very nice. Just not so great for any other class ūüėõ How do you undo this?

  3. vReaZn Says:

    Yeah hi, I followed the steps, aim I suppose to be looking through the scope or is it suppose to be at my hip?

  4. your_own_kid Says:

    No idea I was wondering cause when I do it it works but I switch classes and I always die I cant kill I shot them and then the bullets hit a team mate? Some1 help?

  5. your_own_kid Says:

    And the snake skin wall so many people use it I tried to kill them but it missed them every time so when I get almost a nuke I can’t get my last kill very ignoring! And when some1 comes and noob tubes me!

  6. your_own_kid Says:

    Anyway some1 shot a throwing knife across the
    ENTIRE MAP! I was in a corner using my chopper gunner and then suddenly this guy shots a knife in the air from the completely opposite side and it bull sys me,!!!!!!, I had 23kils and I had Hardline and I was SHOTING MY LAST GUY AND I WOULD OF GOT A NUKE!

  7. Kendall Says:

    I cant sprint anymore

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