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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted November 15th, 2009 32 Comments

Have Your Character Elevate in Modern Warfare 2

The Elevator Glitch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has Been Patched.

Elevator Glitch

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32 Responses to “Elevator (Patched)”

  1. damen1786 Says:

    hiya mate cheers thought id never be able to do an elevator but i did this after about 2 mins once i had seen your vid

  2. coby6 Says:

    i tried this for 3 hours straight and nuthing is working!!!

  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches | Contingency Glitches Says:

    […] under the map forever. It’s really fun out there and you can explore a lot. If your good at Elevators this shouldn’t be that hard for […]

  4. Tom Says:

    coby6 it does work if u want add me on xbox itz DOLMAN94 and i will show u

  5. Marinesniper1210(ps3) Says:

    worst glitch ever

  6. milliebby Says:

    yeaa , iht workZs – ido iht evertime iplay onlie
    – qood choice !!

  7. matt Says:

    i know the elevator glitch works cuz i shot some body doing it but i been tring and cant seem to get it if someone would plz show me my gamer tag is squtch

  8. cod glicher Says:

    to hard it took me 10 mins to do

  9. Saf Says:

    Elevators have been patched in new patch,too bad , I never got round to trying it yet lol.

  10. cj cubberly Says:

    if u cant do an elevator u suck ok they r easy u just cant get frusterated and have lots of patiance my first elevator glitch was on cod 4 bloc on the windowsills they r extreamly easy u should all try it out.

  11. cj cubberly Says:

    and also no there not patched u can still do them except for some in cod 5

  12. cj cubberly Says:

    ill help u my gamer tag for xbox 360 is:BmXdAr3d3vIl 97
    or u can type in:bmxdar3d3vil 97 if u didnt know that. kk i have cod mw2, cod5, and cod4

  13. tman76543210 Says:

    hey i tried for four hours straight today and still cant get it, is there anyone with a ps3 willing to show me? gamertag Moth_Man7 just send a message lettin me kno.


  14. i am seeing Says:

    lol i cant get it…. i use ps3 online, so someone please add me and show me or sumthin: Zeppeiln978

  15. daywalker799 Says:

    hey i tried for an hour and a half and cant get it, some one plz help me out

  16. need help elevating Says:

    wow this is like impossible I always try it.

    can anyone help me and whoever knows how to elevator

  17. lewys boi Says:

    i carnt do it has it been fixed

  18. x0xjassasinx0x Says:

    Wtf I want to no not c what other people think about it I don’t care about them

  19. x0xjassasinx0x Says:

    O and if eney 1 still loks at this and reads this my gamer tag is x0xjassasinx0x no kaps and no spaces

  20. dj clayface Says:

    they all still work, if any of you are having trouble doing them, feel free to send a friend request to Dj-Clayface 0n PSN, but keep this in mind, once you learn how to do it, i will delete you, not being an ass or anything, but i kind of don’t like adding people i don’t know. when you send the friend request write “elevator” as the message

  21. zuke Says:

    it don’t work

  22. Memories Says:

    It works. But It would make more sense if someone could just type how to do it rather than play music and talk like we understand everything there saying. As far as i see it, its not easy it took me 20mins and i did it once have not been able to do it since. So if you really think it is easy just post how you did it with some directions.

  23. Billyboy Says:

    I love men

  24. enrice10 Says:

    add me i cant do it its hard my user is enrice10

  25. light06 Says:

    Please can someone confirm if you can still do elevators on xbox360 after 30th March 2010 as I have just discovered the tutorials on you tube yet I cannot seem to do any! There have been various comments that these have been/not been patched. I am not going to use this online but I like exploring quirky things such as this.

  26. admin Says:

    Light06, it’s Sad to Say, but I’m pretty sure the Elevator Glitch has Been Patched at this Point.

  27. light06 Says:

    k thx m8, looks like i discovered these at just the wrong time. sods law!

  28. Rocket611 Says:

    yes elevator glitches are patched as of 04/1/2010. I was pro at doig them and when i got the new map pack i tried to do them and its impossible now for what i have tried and read. when you try to do them now if you get the spot where it wouild normally work you will be pushed back a tiny bit from the wall.

    If people just dont glitch online maby things like this would stay in the game i personally did it once online and never did it again(Just wanted to see if i could actually get it in a real match without being killed) anyways stick to gliching in Private Matches to keep other glitches from being patched. If you do glitch online it just shows how bad you actually are at the game needing to glitch to get kills anyways…here is my GamerTag below with info on how to contact me.

    GamerTag: Rocket611
    Gamerscore 59000+ almost 60K

    friends list is full but if you want to play together just send me a voice/text message and i will get back to you ASAP
    i will also show you some spots,tricks, and glitches on all maps in a private match if you wish.

  29. admin Says:

    Thanks for the Confirmation on that Rocket.

  30. Mertz97 Says:

    Elevators r so fun besides the fact that losers use them in online matches. Thanks to them its getting patched, THANKS LOSERS!!!

  31. johnson Says:

    on the ps3 the derail prone elevator still works i have been doing it all day today 11th april 2010

  32. Kev Says:

    Too bad this is now patched… RIP ELEVATORS <3

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