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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted November 9th, 2009 14 Comments

Glitches in the Call of Duty: MF2 Map Highrise

Here are Glitches from the Call of Duty: MF2 map Highrise

On Top of Highrise Helicopter

Highrise Tricks
There aren’t really Glitches, but they are Good Spots on the Map Highrise.

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14 Responses to “Highrise Glitches”

  1. JJordannn Says:

    if you see the cranes to the left on the last 5 seconds they are climbable ūüôā i done this a few times great sniping position ūüėÄ

  2. nramos Says:

    i cant figure out how to jump on that thing in the video to get out of the map

  3. PuReDiStRuCtIoN Says:

    Use marathon perk. light weight n only use sub machine guns. stand oppisite to the window cleaner right against the wall. sprint and jump when you get to the very end. easier than doing a sprint jump from being stationary at the edge. always aim for the left hand side railing as you can only scale up that one. after then its easy

  4. MaTtYmAn Says:

    Its soo easy

  5. Turtlekillaz Says:

    Lol, they make it look so hard. you can jump from the corner and land on the side

  6. HAcker Says:

    this isnt really a glitch its more of a jump

  7. Lepepwpe Says:

    This is solid

  8. Matthew Says:

    On the roof top glitch, what if you run out of ammo?

  9. travis Says:

    this is not a glitch they put that there on purpose

  10. NN Says:

    I did it after a million times, it was easy after a while.

  11. Ph0eNiX Says:

    Matthew… Here is how you stop from running ou tof ammo…
    setup: .50 cal sniper
    one man army
    tactical insertion
    smoke nade(i use it if there are a lot of people playing, helps hide u runnin across the front. Once I am up there I drop the tactical insertion and keep shooting, when I run out of ammo i use the one man army…

  12. Brandon Says:

    I did it wo marathon or liteweight with the rpd. Doesnt matter what perk or gun

  13. Bighuboaj Says:

    I done all these and I know a way to do it so you don’t get shot so they can’t kill you and when your doing it you can jump on peoples heads and they take you to the place

  14. michael angstrom Says:

    the one you get on the roof is hard and every time i go to do it i fall strait down of of the map.

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