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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted November 22nd, 2009 39 Comments

Get Unlimited Care Packages

Infinite Care Package Glitch
Text tutorial.

1. Get a care package.

2. Cook it.

3. Climb a ledge.

4. At the top of the ledge, click L2 and hold a stun/flash/smoke grenade.

5. Before you throw it, hit right on the dpad.

6. Let go of L2, you’ll throw your stun grenade.

7. Then throw your care package, you should be cooking it without hitting another button after you throw your stun grenade.

8. Pick up the care package, call it in and you’ll have another one in your slot loadout.


Here is an alternate way you can do it WITHOUT using stun/flash/smoke grenades.

Get Care package, Emergency air drop, sentry gun etc, select it and cook it.

– Goto a wall, and proceed to climb over it.

– When going over wall/ledge, instead of pressing and holding L2, just press and hold R2 to equip a claymore/semtex/throwing knife etc.

– When equipment is selected make sure to keep holding it and press D-pad right to select the CP.

– Now here is the key to all of this. After doing all of the above and while still holding R2, press triangle. You will now switch weapons and have the air drop grenade in your hand. And you didn’t have to waste a flashbang or any equipment for that matter. So as long as you have a piece of equipment left, you can keep doing it.

Infinite Care Package Glitch (Might be Patched… Need Confirmation)

Method One

Note: *You Need One Man Army Perk

1. Get Care Package
2. Go Somewhere Where You Can Climb
3. When Climbing Get Your Care Package Out
4. Throw Care Pack
5. Get One Man Army Out (OMA) By Pressing Triangle
6. Choose Your Weapon
7. Your Care Package Is Back

Method Two

Step 1:  Get a care package / Sentry Gun / Emergency Air Drop
Step 2:  Find something that gives you a climb prompt
Step 3:  As your climbing it press right right on your D-Pad
If done correctly you will have your marker in your hand after your done climbing
If done incorrectly you will have your gun in your hand after your done climbing
Step 4:  Call your Package in
Step 5:  Swap your class with 1 man army to the same class you have.

*Note: The Glitches Below have Been Patched.

Get Unlimited Care Packages (Air Drops)  in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Method One

Text Tutorial:
1) Stand over a gun
2) Knife and in the middle of the knife pick up the gun
3) Immediatly after you pick up the gun pull out your care package
4) Drop tactical insertion
5) While he is sparking the flare be clicking RT to throw the crate
6) Pick it up and call your kill streak in and then you will have another care package
7) Rinse and Repeat

Method Two

Text tutorial:
Stab over a gun, and Hold X, when you hear the click it makes to change guns press the DPad Right. Next, throw any kind of grenade, then your flare, then Get the Drop, Use it, and repeat.

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39 Responses to “Infinite Care Package Glitch (Patched)”

  1. sean Says:

    what happens when you run out of flashes

  2. Ryder500 Says:

    cheats ruin games!!!!!! R.I.P COD4, soon to be COD5 no doubt!!

  3. casey Says:

    ps3? or no?

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  5. karns 59 Says:

    dude this is so fuckin hoss. but i only got one question. how many gfs have you had in the last two years? im just jokeing with you you are the biggest hoss!!!!!!!!

  6. chickenface87 Says:

    thanks man it really helps cool glitch!!!!

  7. jordan Says:

    this glitch does not work for the ps3 i tried the infinite care package glitch and simply does not work on ps3 unless someone can point out whats wrong

  8. LoKi Says:

    patched… no longer works

  9. Terminator Says:

    What is the ps3 cheat for this? Leave a vid or comment if there is

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    […] Infinite Care Package Glitch has returned for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Check it out Here. VN:F [1.7.8_1020]please […]

  11. WhiteyMcWhiteman Says:

    it still works. on xbox and ps3. 1/24/10 i lost 9 straight matches to a team that was getting e-drops every 30 seconds. then i went to a private match with a guy that showed me how to do it but don’t be a fag play the game right. this and the javelin are the 2 most annoying damn glitches that i’ve seen so far

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    […] Get a Kill Streak where you use a laptop, -i used a Predator Missile- 2) Do the Old Infinite Air Drop Glitch. (NOT the new way) (Knife, Hold X and then when you see your Ammo Change press Right on the D-pad. […]

  13. krackerjack4 Says:

    You don’t actually have to have one man army. All you need is something to throw (i.e. care package, sentry gun, air drop). Once you do the trick and throw your care package, pick it up and use it. As long as it is something that occupies the right d-pad space upon picking it up, you should have the care package again when you use the item you just picked up from your previous care package. Do this trick over and over. As long as you don’t get an ammo crate, you should be alright.

  14. Nogga Says:

    Method three:

    1. Get a care package.
    2. Cook it and hold it.
    3. Find something that gives you a climb prompt.
    4. Climb the wall and as you reach the top, press right.
    5. You should have your care package back out (if you have a gun, retry).
    6. Toss the care package.
    7. Pick up the care package. If you retrieve an ammo resupply, either get a new killstreak or kill yourself.
    8. If you didn’t get an ammo resupply, use whatever was inside and you should have another care package mark ready to deploy.

  15. That one guy Says:

    This does work on PS3 as of today, 1/31/2010.
    I find it’s pretty good with the throwing knife, as you can retrieve the knife. I only do this in private matches, please don’t ruin the game people.

  16. Insanity260 Says:

    you guys are stupid..there is a waaayy eaiser way to do it.

    1. get a carepackage marker

    2. go to a wall or something you can press a to jump over (windows work best)

    3.pull out your carepackage marker and hold right trigger like your going to throw it.

    4. and your holding it press a to jump over and before you stand up and pull out your weapon press right on the d pad again and the carepackage should show up instrad of your weapon

    5. use the marker and get the crate, use the crate and use what ever is inside and you have another on you have to repeat this process every time you want to do it. if you get resupply you have to die before you can use it again but if you die you dont lose your extra package so no worries

  17. Bob Jackson Says:

    This is Awesome! i showed all my friends it helped them so much in 2 months after constant care package cheat, they are
    7 prestige, and i am 9th. Thanks!

  18. Brad Says:

    It is not workin on my ps3 is there a easier way

  19. Up2 Says:

    It appears to have been patched earlier today.

  20. Ryan Says:

    Oh no! The infinite care package glitch has been patched Feb. 12 2010!

  21. theroddimus Says:

    all these are patched, if you just updated the game then it is useless.It wont be long before a new method arises. But be respectful, DONT USE IT IN RANKED MATCHES, ITS CHEATING!

  22. Kris Says:

    I agree with theroddimus. It’s fun to use it with friends, but if you use it in Ranked, you are basically burning away the 60 euros/dollars people bought the game for. Thank God they patched it. I hope people won’t use new glitches when they find them. Losers.

  23. Ethan Says:

    they need a new one they just patched care package glitching

  24. Jose Says:

    on last night with a guy who did it for PS3. Not patched

  25. chaddykev Says:

    anyone know the song for last video

  26. Shane Says:

    The glitches dont work anymore for Ps3 sorry ive been doing them for a long time and now they dont work they just give you 100+ points and you dont get another care package

  27. jive_chamberzzz1996 Says:

    is it really dat easy??????????

  28. COD_EatDatNaDe Says:

    the newest one has since been patched doesnt work anymore

  29. money999888 Says:

    i did the thing that the carepacage glitch tutorial said when it shows my care pacage it want letme use it again

  30. andrew Says:

    nah doesnt work ppl, they did the 1.09 version (think it was this version lol) to patch it in feb, so we need you super nerds to find a new way to do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  31. Nick Says:

    Need new one please, if anyone has a new one, please!!!!!!

  32. chaddykev Says:

    lol but patched damn

  33. fain Says:

    How do u do the glitch it doesnt make anysence

  34. Rock Says:

    must* (not most)

  35. connor Says:

    the glitch is patched i tried it and you get a second care package but once u click right on the d-pad all u get is +100 so u guys need to find a new way

  36. rama Says:

    i did not under stand it if u can make a onther vid that will all some u can e-mail me at and one more thing would that work on xbox 360 plz e-mail me

  37. cody rod Says:

    it worked it was awesome

  38. tazbaby21 Says:


  39. Mamun Ahmed Dipu Says:

    not working anymore

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