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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted December 2nd, 2009 13 Comments

When You Die Have Your Rocket Launcher Fire

*Note: This Glitch has been Patched

I posted this Glitch earlier with the name “Shoot Javelin Without Aiming.” However, it can be used with and Launching Weapon, so I decided to rename it.  Also known as the “Javelin Glitch,” this trick is spreading rapidly through the Modern Warfare 2 community and has actually become an annoyance. Please use this Exploit responsibly.

This Glitch makes it so on dying your Launcher fires, killing everyone opponent in the vicinity.

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13 Responses to “Instant Kill with Launchers (Patched)”

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches | Shoot Javelin Without Aiming Says:

    […] I have Moved this Glitch here: Instant Kill with Launchers. […]

  2. Whats up Says:

    How is this cheating?? It pretty much just like martydom.

  3. Hi Says:

    Well in next week there is going to be an update for this so there taking it out plus if u do use it there is going to be a 24 hours ban on ur name

  4. Dan Says:

    This is total crap, all you people make me sick with these cheats. Unlike your little teenage ass I actually pay for my service out of my own pocket. Your ruining the experience and therefore stealing money out of my wallet. I know about this cheat and the scavenger unlimited air drops, I see you conveniently left that cheat out on this site to keep it to yourselves. I’m reporting everyone that uses any of these 3 times a piece. So get ready to be banned douche bags

  5. william Says:

    if there so shit y the fuck are you looking up how to do them you dick wad go suck your mothers dick!

  6. Jenova Prodigal Says:

    This is not like martyrdom for the simple fact that martyrdom is AVOIDABLE. You are abusing game mechanics to get kills and it makes you nothing short of a pussy. Justify it however you want to–anyone who uses out of map glitches, infinite airdrop glitches or kill glitches is spineless and worthless as far as mutliplayer gaming goes. Honestly I’d love to see some of you try this shit in an old school arcade where you’re face to face with the person you’re playing and see how many times you ‘cheat’. I’ll bet you won’t do it more than it takes to catch a boot in your mouth.

  7. Jenova Prodigal Says:

    By the way in answer to “William-the-obviously-slow-fucktard” we look up glitches so we’ll know how to spot them and report your dumb asses every time you do it. There are many gaming purists out there who believe in multiplayer honor and true skill not ‘see who can cheat better’. You are a nutless ball-washer and you suck at life. You’re the kind of guy people shouldn’t let babysit, you fucking child molester.

  8. c me bitches Says:

    lol why u hatin u get mad kills with this shit. got a bunch of emblems and titles and raised my K/D ratio, fuck yea

  9. WhiteyMcWhiteman Says:

    its bullshit. i play on ps3 and for the mostpart people quit using this. but before they patched it all the noobs were using this shit. its basically a way to say i’m not good enough to play with anybody else so i’ll cheat like a little bitch.

  10. Jamy Says:

    Can you swith to a different.weapon for this too stll work?

  11. Burner Says:

    “lol why u hatin u get mad kills with this shit.”

    This statement pretty much sums up why I believe our society is doomed.

    Can you please tell us what fucking language you are speaking?? Ohh wait… it’s called “White-Boy-Douche-Tool.”

  12. bigboy123456789 Says:

    dan calm down. just because you suck doesnt mean you have to get mad at everyone else for having a little bit of fun

  13. TheGirlBehindYou Says:

    I dont understand why everyone gets sooo mad.All we want to do is have a little bit of fun and try new things.BTW,some of the glitches are pretty hard to do so it shows off some of ur skills.And a lot of people(like myself)only do them in privet matches.ITS JUST A FUCKING GAME!!!!Its not the end of life as we know it.So ease up and have a little fun.

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