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Use the Duration One Man Army Uses to Change Classes as a Speed Boost

As we most of us know, the ‘care package speed glitch’ boosted speed greatly for an unlimited time. This was a better speed glitch, but it has been patched…


I have recently discoverd the one man army speed glitch.
I found this when changing class and I realised I stand more change of staying alive if I run for my life!

This gives you a small speed boost for a small amount of time, more so than running with the magnum 44., marathon, lightweight etc. So is good for glitching on places like terminal!

How to do it
>> set up where you want to run and jump
>> switch to one man army
>> change class
>> whilst in mid change (with the loading bar) you have a SPEED BOOST!

(I’m not sure how because personally i find it hard to stay upright when putting on a pair of jeans, but her… each to their own…)

This is better with One Man Army rather than One Man Army pro because at pro your change time is small :S

Hope this was helpful! Discoverd August 11th 2010

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