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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted November 22nd, 2009 10 Comments

Glitches inside the Multiplayer Map Rust in Call of Duty: MF2

These glitches can be found inside the Multiplayer Map, “Rust” in Call of Duty: MF2.

Inside Pipe on Rust

Working Method

1) Run into the pipes
2) Keep running into them at the point where it starts to leave the ground
3) If u Hit it in the right spot you’ll go into them
4. You can shoot out but they cannot see u or shoot at you

Here is a Video:

Old Method (Wall Breach) [Patched]

*Note: This Glitch has been Patched.

This video will show you how to get inside a huge pipe on the multiplayer map Rust.
This has to be one of the easiest glitches in the game, it takes just a couple of jumps to do it.

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10 Responses to “Rust Glitches”

  1. r6ryder500 Says:

    Whats the point unless your one of those damn cheats that ruins the game?!?!?!

  2. devah Says:

    the pipe thing dnt wrk it kills me

  3. bear Says:

    The pipe has been patched, it will now kill you when you jump inside of it.

  4. anonomous Says:

    i finally fot into the pipe and it didnt kill me

  5. anonomous Says:

    move over to the right then left and when u get into the pipe it wont kill u

  6. snipe Says:

    i wont kill u

  7. helloman449 Says:

    i will

  8. Penis Says:

    I will too…. with my peter

  9. joenovosatty Says:

    y do i keep dying every time i go into the pipe.i use a ps3.

  10. relative pitch Says:

    I have a few extra questions . Would you mind answering them if I ask here or shall I ask on email? Looking forward to more great content, thanks!

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