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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Posted January 28th, 2010 2 Comments

Use the Kill Streak Laptop as a Weapon

1) Get a Kill Streak where you use a laptop, -i used a Predator Missile-
2) Do the Old Infinite Air Drop Glitch. (NOT the new way) (Knife, Hold X and then when you see your Ammo Change press Right on the D-pad. the grenade part is NOT needed.)
3) Use your Kill Streak. When you’re Finished you should have a laptop you can Bash people with!

NOTE: This Glitch works best with Precision Airstrike because you can just Press B and you will still have it, so when you die you dont have to get another Kill Streak.

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2 Responses to “Use Kill Streak Laptop as a Weapon”

  1. t-t Says:

    Doesn’t it work if you just get predator, you switch to it fast, and then melee an enemey fast..

    Altough its not infinite.

  2. gwon837 Says:

    do thay have a nother Infinite Care Package Glitch

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