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Posted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Glitches Posted April 18th, 2012 1 Comment

Get 2 Attachments with Different Gun Proficiency

Source: Se7enSins

1. On your console, put two attachments on your chosen gun but only select one attachment, then select camo.

2. On COD Elite, edit the class you are doing the glitch on and put any proficiency on it.

3. Back on the console, exit to the main menu then select multiplayer again.

4. Select online, then wait for your “profile to be fetched” then as quickly as possible go to the class with two attachments and hover on the attachment selection screen.

5. Wait for the Elite class integration message to pop up, and accept changes

6. The proficiency should change then simply select the second attachment and there you have it! A gun with a proficiency other than attachments with 2 attachments!

Example: I have the PP90M1 with Kick, Rapid fire and Extended mags.

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One Response to “2 Attachments, Different Proficiencies”

  1. JohnKimble Says:

    Works like a charm. Got to be quick, sometimes the elite class integration box appears too quick. Recommend putting the weapon to have different profiency as Class1. Also you can only do one weapon, if you try to do a second one under a different class , the first one that has been changed will be reset.

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