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Use Any Proficiency on Any Gun

Use Any Proficiency on Any Gun

Step 1. Have a friend invite you to a normal lobby

Step 2. Then have your friend switch to private match

Step 3. once there go to create-a-class and select a slot

Step 4. then go down to copy and select that and hover over copy class to custom 1

Step 5. Have your friend switch back to the find match menu

Step 6. You now should be able to control beyond the copy menu go to create-a-class

Step 7. While in create-a-class and go to primary then shotguns Then hover over any shotgun

Step 8. while hovering over a shotgun click a in till you get to the camo menu

Step 9. Once there click B you should be back in the copy menu, copy that class to the slot you want to do the glitch on.

Step 10. Once you copy your class you should be hovering over primary weapons click primary and hover over what gun you want

Step 11. click A on the weapon you want the Proficiency to go on

Step 12. Once you click A you should be in the Proficiency for that weapon what you want to do is keep clicking B in till you see the Proficiency menu again but this time you will see damage click damage once you do that put your attachments and camo on and there you go that how you do the glitch.

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