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Use a Bus to Take off into the Sky in Crackdown 2


1. Find an open area with a Tactical Location.
2. Spawn a Ramp Truck.
3. Spawn an A Bus.
4. Place the A Bus about the same distance away from the ramp truck as I did.
5. Make sure the drivers side door is open and put a mag grenade on it.
6. Put a mag grenade on the back right side of the A Bus.
7. As soon as you put that grenade on it, quickly throw another mag grenade on the ground to prevent the bus from flying away.
8. Move the ramp truck in front of the A Bus but turned slightly to the right. This is because the A Bus has a tendency to pull to the right a little bit.
9. Go get satchel charges. NOTE: you cant extract to get them or your mag grenades will explode . You also can’t run too far away or they will explode or one of the vehicles might disappear.
10. Put some explosive barrels and satchel charges around the mag grenade you threw on the ground.
11. Get into the passenger side door. You may also bring a friend along ūüôā as long as they get in after you. NOTE: only the person who has thrown the mag grenades can get in first, or the whole setup will break. Also, don’t let anyone get near the bus because sometimes it breaks randomly.
12. Detonate your satchel charges and FLY AWAY! NOTE: sometimes the explosion wont kill the mag grenade, so you might have to get out and place more explosives on it or get another friend to shoot it for you. If you choose to get out, make the passenger get out first and move away before you get out.

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