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Use this Glitch to Jump over and Over Again in Darksiders II

Video by findlestick

Video Description
Points of Interest:
1. Basically, equipping and un-equipping the sub weapon resets Death’s ‘jump count’ back to zero. Meaning that every time you exit the menu after equipping/un-equipping a sub weapon you get to do an extra jump. Enabling long jumps and infinite jumps.

2. The game-clock stops when you are in the menu, so despite taking an eternity in the menu…you don’t lose time during a speedrun. You can go basically anywhere with this technique, tho it really IS a pain having to sit through a menu-visit each time you jump.

3. There may also be other ways to do infinite jumps in this game, but I just got this game now, will test for more later on.

4. This technique can be done from about 1 minute into the game (when you get the hammer).

There are a bunch of other possible consequences related to this technique alone (breakouts?), but I’ll leave that for when I’ve done more testing. More soon…

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