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Posted in Gears of War 3 Glitches Posted April 27th, 2011 2 Comments

An easy way to Level Up in Gears of War 3

An easy way to Level Up in Gears of War 3 by Playing Against Bots

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2 Responses to “Easy Way to Rank Up/ Play Against Bots”

  1. djpark123456789 Says:

    I have lost all of my stuff on Gears of War 3 minus my achievements and I am trying to gain it all back. One problem…it won’t let me get the (FOR THE HORDE) medal. Can anyone tell me why? Also, underneath my fortifications medal, I have a number two underneath it. Can anyone tell me what it means? The way I lost all my stats is because one day I logged into xbox live and my internet was acting up and so I was only signed into my gamertag and NOT on xbox live and all of a sudden it told me that I earned stuff that I already unlocked from the beta. I looked at my level and it was glitched from a lvl 62 or 63 all the way down to a lvl 1 and I looked in my medals and ribbons section and all of that was gone. Even my executions that I had to do was taken. Can ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?!!

  2. Thecarmine Says:

    I lost all my gears data to. my sister destroyed my memory chip. I had to earn it all over again

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