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Dummy on the Map Trenches in Gears of War 3

Dummy on the Map Trenches in Gears of War 3

1. Before you do this glitch, you need a friend to help you. Once you have got someone that would like to help, wait until you get the map trenches.

2. Now, grab a shield right at the spawn and then go up to the middle of the map where the “Nest” is. Then go to the right corner.

3. Plant the shield where i do and Then you have a friend to do the catapult glitch ( same way as gears of war 1, you tube it. )

4. Dive to the right, jump over the hop up cover, take cover on the shield and then run around it and you should be in the glitch.

5. if you friend moves out the way, you may come out of the glitch and then do the elevator like so.

6. hope you understood this tutorial, this glitch was found by me aka – x FiNaLKiLla x and the console is obviously xbox360.

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  1. OMGnanerpus Says:

    these vids aren’t too helpful… how do i do it? kist walk up to the box and walk against it?

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