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Fly in the Map War Machine in Gears of War

Gears of War Glitches

Flying (in War Machine)

With this glitch you will be able ot fly, or float aorund the
Gears of War
map known as
War Machine
, below is a text tutorial as well as a video tutorial
at the very bottom.

1) Go to the Troika

2) Aim it to the middle and up a little.

3) Now get off and move the camera to the right a little.

4) Tap X twice really fast, on the other person’s screen, the troika didnt move, but on yuors it will.

5) Now hug the troika around to the other side until you start to lag.

6) Roll and get into cover on the sandbags and you should get in cover on the troika.(If you mess up yuo dont have to redo steps 1-5, the lag is still there)

7) Now move to the right until the camera zooms into a first-person mode and then tap to the left.

8) Hold ^Up and hit X+A and then quickly tap X after on the troika.

If done correctly, you should be floating and can maneuver around the whole map.

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