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Get Out of the Map Subway in GoW

Gears of War Glitches

Out of Subway
Silent Crisis

Just as the name states, you are getting out of one of the newer maps, Subway.

To Perform this glitch

First to get out of the map…

1) Find the sniper

2) Go to the left side of the block closest to the van

3) press and hold right on the left analog stick so you walk sideways

4) When you are about to touch the wall to the right of you press A, you should roll out of the map..

Want back in…

1) Go to the fence by the outside spawn area, there should be a car there

2) Walk onto the car from the front of it

3) Walk off the back (on the left side of the back)

4) Look at the fence and hold forward while you jump off

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