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Set your Gamertag to Anything in Online Matchmaking with this Glitch in Halo 3


Before Doing, Please Read.
*This is only temporary.
*You MUST have two controllers in order for this to work.
*You will not be able to view file shares or Bungie Favorites for this glitch makes you an offline account in a sense.
*Your armor may be reset temporarily.
*DO NOT sign in any guest accounts while this glitch is active.
*Make sure your connection is set to Xbox LIVE and you are signed in with a gold subscription account.


1.) Go to the matchmaking lobby and select which playlist you wish to play.
2.) Turn on/plug in your second controller.
3.) Back out to the Main Menu
4.) Press the “A” button on the controller you just turned on. (The one that isn’t signed in yet.) A menu you will pop up asking if you want to use a gamer profile or a temporary profile. Select “Use a Temporary Profile” then at the next pop up menu HIGHLIGHT, “Yes.”(Don’t press anything!) Then you can set that controller aside.
5.) Use your controller that is signed in to press the middle button on your controller. This brings up the mini dashboard. Now press it again and quickly press “A” when the mini dashboard goes away. Do this again once in the lobby to start the game. Right after you start the countdown bring up the mini dashboard again by pressing the center button.
6.) Once you see that you are in a game lobby, close the mini dashboard and select, “Yes.”
7.) Now, you’re almost done. Simply either veto the map or change any piece of your armor. (You can change your armor back right away.)
8.) You’re done! You now have a random Halo 3/Bungie generated gamertag.

Here’s the catch! It only works one game at a time. What I mean is that you have to sign out then back in and repeat steps 1-7 in order to do it again and get another random gamertag. You will notice that when it won’t load information from the server and you can’t start a match.

Once you get the steps down, it’s actually pretty quick and easy to do this over and over again. I hope you all have fun with this! It’s great if you have a capture card and can record the people’s reactions to your gamertag changing mid lobby. You can’t get banned for this by the way. You’re 100% safe

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Video TUT Below!

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