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Posted in Halo: Reach Glitches Posted September 25th, 2010 4 Comments

Glowing Dead Body, Charge the Armor Lock in Forge, Floating in Armor Lock, and See the Monitor in 3rd Person.

Gameoptions: Equipment – Unlimited
Starting ability – Armor Lock
A Friend or 2nd controller for floating glitch
a brain
Xbox 360
Halo Reach


1st Glitch: Just Charge up your Lock to maximum, then while still holding Ability Button, keep it pressed and press Start, and change teams to another color. if your still holding Ability Button, it will kill you, and your body will be GLOWING Blue.

2nd Glitch

Spawn a Bridge, or whatever you’d like, in the air. then have a friend delete that object while your in Armor Lock. Release Lock to drop.

3rd Glitch
Go into Armor Lock, then go into monitor (Forge mode) You will still hear the Charging sound of Armor lock. get by an unsuspecting friend and EXPLODE! it will damage your friends sheilds (hehehe)

4th Glitch

Go into Armor lock, then let go of Your Armor lock button. start mashing up on DPAD to see the effect.

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4 Responses to “Armor Lock Glitches: 4 Armor Lock Glitches”

  1. yo Says:

    another one: spawn armor lock. pick it up. use it. have a friend delete all of them while you use it. permanent armor lock in which you can move!

  2. mstr modz Says:

    same as yos but you go in armorlock stay in it while hitting up on the dpad spawn another armor lock and hit B and delete all youl be glowing FYI
    Cool Combos
    Active Camo you look like a fat astronaut
    Jet pack you are god
    Evade ur speedz midget… of doom

    Stuff that kills you Still
    out of bounds
    and viecheal(* fail spelling) explosions

  3. battlemaul Says:

    UUUUUUMMMMMM. BIG question, does glitch # 4 stay PERMANENTLY or does it disappear in 1 1/2 seconds? plz reply

  4. Gravity X Says:

    No. For the Glitch #4, you spawn two armor locks. Pick up one, then use it. While you’re in armor lock, go to Forge mode. While you’re in Forge mode, look at the other armor lock, press the B button, then delete all of the armor locks. To test it, have a friend look at you, fly into a wall than go to player mode, or use a turret. As long as you know that you’re glowing or cannot die, you’re completely invincible.

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