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Out of Corvette in Firefight in Halo: Reach

Source: Se7enSins

This tutorial will show you how to get outside of Corvette (on firefight, I haven’t tried on campaign but from what I remember from the mission it won’t work).

The following video will show you how I did it and there is more information below the video.


It helps to have infinite jet pack on because once you get pushed through the barrier you will have enough jet pack fuel to get to the safe ledge.
I did this with invincibility on but I don’t think you actually require it.
This can be done on any difficulty.
This can be done on any firefight gametype as long as at least one pair of dropships come through the shield doors.


Make sure the firefight mission is setup for the requirements stated above and start the game.
When you get to a round where dropships come through the giant shield doors at either end of the map. Goto the opposite shield door to the one which the dropships are coming through.
If you want you can stand on the boxes like I do in the video but you don’t have to.
Then as the dropship is about to fly over you and out of the shield door, jet pack up so the middle of the dropship is pushing you.
If you manage to keep it pushing you it will push you through the shield door and it will say “Please return to the battlefield” on your screen.
Fly upwards quickly before the dropship pushes you too far away from the shield door and fly towards the ledge above the shield door.
Once you land on it the message telling you to return to the battlefield will have gone.

You can’t move along the ledge all the way and there is another barrier further out so this is the only safe spot and there isn’t much to do because there is another barrier above stopping you from going on the top of the map.

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