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This Glitch Enables You To Drive Through One Way Shields in Halo: Reach

Source: Se7enSins

Things you need to know real quick:
Red Side = Side that if you walk up to it you bounce
Blue side = Side that you can walk thorugh

Assuming you read the the above text you will be able to understand these steps

Step 1: Enter Forge and place down 2 One Way Shields

Step 2: Rotate one of the 2 One Way Shields Facing you on the red side

Step 3: Rotate the second One Way Shield so that the blue side is facing you.

Step 4: Place the 2 shields about 5cm apart (Estimated guess by looking at screen)

Step 5: Place Down a vehicle (Covenant Vehicles are best)

Step 6: Drive the vehicle straight towards the red side of the one way shield (as fast as
you can)

Now you should have passed right through the shield and this could be a different way to show team one way shields
Possibly useful for a Sky Map – With banshee on banshee action.

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