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Use this Glitch to Get Out of a bunch of the Maps in Mass Effect 2

Out of Maps and Elevators included in this video:
-Out of Illium
-2 Elevators on Freedoms Progress
-Elevator, Out of Map And On Top of Citadel
-Out of and On Top of Omega
-Out of Quarian Landing Zone [Haestrom] -Out and Under Dantius Towers [Illium] -2 Elevators on Blood Pack Base [Zada Ban] -2 Elevators and Out of Map on Eclipse Base [Lorek]

Text Tutorial:
– Get parallel with a object wall or barrier.
– Move backwards and forwards next to the wall, try not to push into it to much but a little is ok put guideing yourself.
– If done correct you will wither pop-up or elevate.

– Slightly move your camera to get the perfect angle to be parallel.
– If it dosen’t work facing that way then do a 180* turn and try it the opposite way.

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