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Use Xbox Settings to Have a Connection Advantage over Opponents

Source: NextGenUpdate

I remembered doing this back in the WaW days to get my own lobby to do the bootcamp glitch, but it also has it’s advantages in Black Ops.

You have to be host in order for this to work properly (easier if you have a party)

What this does is, it gives you 4 Green bars while everyone else has Yellow orRed Connections, giving you a HUGE advantage over other players having 2x better connection speed.

And it very simple to setup, and some of you may already know this, so dont flame ..LOL


First goto Console settings then Language

Then goto Locale

From here, pick a far away counrty, like chile or somethin, somewhere where 90% of the players are connected to a 28k modem ..LOL

Next, Start Black Ops, then Change your Search Settings to Local Only

Make sure you don’t join a game, but start a new lobby to make sure you are host.

(Again, easier if you have a party.)

Now watch your green bar shine while their red bar dwindles, making it easier to PWN

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  1. Andrw Says:

    Do u go play player match after u get host or wut?

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