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Once You Have a JTagged 360 use this Tutorial to Start Implementing Hacks in Modern Warfare 2

Source: NextGenUpdate

Well this is just a simple tutorial on how to play Modern Warfare 2 off the HDD with Xp and super jump and speed mods.
I didn’t make this tutorial. All credit goes to Game-Tuts

First of all you are going to need a few file’s:

XEX Menu

Mw2 Multi Mods

.iso Files


Right lets start, Extract XEX Menu LIVE.rar folder, then i get everything ready like this:

Then open the Mw2 .iso in Wx360 like this, File> Open>
Then highlight all the contents

Then extract the contents in to the “Mw2” folder

It will say 100% on each of the files in Wx360 once done

Then open up the “Mw2” folder and extract the “default_mp.ff” to the “Multi Mods” folder, like shown below:

Next we are going to need to patch this with the “XEX Patcher”
So open it in XEX Patcher and simply patch like below

Then when you have the files like the ones one the left open up your Multi Mods code post like shown below:

Then move the code_post_gfx_mp.ff from the “Multi Mods” folder to the extracted contents of the Modern Warfare 2 folder named “Mw2”

And click Move and Replace then shown above.

Then put the patched default_mp.ff file back in the “Mw2” folder, like shown below:

Now we have the modded files ready to go, get the XEX Menu folder and place in the HDD.

HDD> Partition 2> Content> 000000000> Here

Now we have XEX Menu on the HDD stay on the 000000000 part and create a new folder on the called “Games” (without the ” of course) then drag and drop the “Mw2” folder into the “Games” folder, so like this:

HDD> Partition 2> Content> 000000000> Games> Mw2

Then patch the cache file the tut for that is here.

Once everything is ready:

Switch on the xbox and go to XEX Menu

Then Game> Mw2

And load the default_mp.xex file

And go to multiplayer


Play split screen


Go to Xbox Live> Sign in> Private Match>

Hit Start> Options> Set Button layout to Lefty

Turn on Mod’s:


Select all wanted mod’s:

Right Trigger = XP Mod(Level 70)
Left Trigger = Laser Sight
Right Bumper = Global Thermal Nuclear War
Left Bumper = Arena
Left Stick =Fast Run w/Unlimited Run
A = Super Jump w/No FallDamage
DPAD_LEFT = Explosive Rounds
DPAD_RIGHT = Care Package Only(AC130 & Chopper Gunner)

Activate Selected Mod’s:


Then Hit Start> Options> Set Button layout to Default or Tactical

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