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Here are Codes for a JTagged XBOX 360

Source: NextGenUpdate

Give Weapons:

self _giveWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp", 0);//Give the Gold Deagle
self _giveWeapon("defaultweapon_mp", 0);// Give the Default Weapon
self _giveWeapon("fal_akimbo_mp", 0);// Give the FAL Akimbos.
self _giveWeapon("m79_akimbo_mp", 0);// Give the Thumper Akimbos.
self _giveWeapon("flare_mp", 0);// Give The Tac Insertion Tube

This Code is my favourite as if you read the weapons , They’re pretty sweet.

Write Text On Screen (small, bold):

self iPrintlnBold("Text here");// You can color text the same way as you do your gamertag IE: "^1HI!" is HI!
Write Text On Screen (left side or where you see where people are killed):

self iPrintln("Text Here");
These next codes disable all kinds of things and can be edited very easily, You can read the code and see what they are:


Disable Using Weapons:

self _disableWeapon();
self _disableOffhandWeapons();

Mabye my second favourite , Any killstreak you want at the start of a game. This is also easily edited

Give Any Killstreak At Spawn:

self mapsmpkillstreaks_killstreaks::giveKillstreak( "ac130", false );//give AC130
self mapsmpkillstreaks_killstreaks::giveKillstreak( "sentry", false );// give Sentry Airdrop
self mapsmpkillstreaks_killstreaks::giveKillstreak( "emp", false );// give EMP
self mapsmpkillstreaks_killstreaks::giveKillstreak( "nuke", false );// give Nuke

MODList© eg. Give the mods to the people you want

PHP Code:
if( == "Gamertag Here")

// if you want more then one:

if( == "blah"
|| == "other"
|| == "blah2")
{ // do as many ||'s you want.

// if you want to put mods or commands for people who DONT have the mod:

if( == "GT"
|| == "GT2")
//mods here
// people NOT on the list mods/commands here

Last but not least , NO Recoil!

self player_recoilScaleOn(0);

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