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Here is a Hack to Retrieve Unreleased Perks and Cammos in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Source: NextGenUpdate

How to edit your classes to get unrelease camo’s and other things ect.

You will need:
mpdata Resigner
Hash Block Calculator
Hex Editor Neo

This is mainly an Xbox tutorial , But Possible for PS3 also.
Don’t ask me how to do it , As i only have an Xbox

I can Give you links to these if you PM me

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have an mpdata file where you have custom classes, i would recommend renaming them to something else. They will be easier to find.
Also this is SPLIT SCREEN ONLY if you are on retail. If you have a jtag I believe it is possible but I am unsure of how to do it.

Now Lets Get started:
1. Getting your mpdata
Open your hdd in xport or xplorer and extract you mpdata. It will be located in Partition 3 >Content >E0000000000(Everyones profile is different) >41560817

2. Extracting your mpdata file
Open your mpdata in Horizon and select Contents.

Right click the mpdata and hit extract and extract it to somewhere you will remember.

3. Understanding hex
Now open your mpdata in Hex Editor Neo. (The one you just extracted in Horizon)

In order to edit your custom classes, you must first understand how the values are arranged. Hex is organized by two columns: offsets and columns

Lets say you click on a value in offset 00000bd0 in column 4. Instead of being offset 00000bd0, it will read 00000bd4 to indicate you clicked on the fourth column. This will help you find things in hex.

If you have a Ps3, your custom classes will start at offset 00000c04. If you have an xbox 360, it will be located at 00000bc4. These are the locations of the values of the primary weapon of you first class.

Also notice that the position of the value, looking to the left where the text is. You see how the value is one of the dots two lines above the name of your first class? You can use this to find the primary weapon of your other classes. Since the dot where your primary weapon is is two lines above your first class, the primary weapon of your second class will be two lines above the name of your second class in the fourth row also. You can use this method of correspondence to edit all values of your classes. If you are confused, see the picture below. Use the values in Step 4 to edit your primary weapon and all the other values.

4. Items and their Values
Now I will give you the locations of everything and the values to change them.

Here are the offsets where everything is located (360):
00000bc4 – Primary Weapon
00000bc6 – Primary Weapon Attachment
00000bc8 – Primary Bling Attachment
00000bca – Primary Camo
00000bd0 – Secondary Weapon
00000bd2 – Secondary Weapon Attachment
00000bd4 – Secondary Bling Attachment
00000bdc – Equipment
00000bde – Perk 1
00000be0 – Perk 2
00000be2 – Perk 3
00000be4 – Death Streak
00000be6 – Special Grenade
Thanks to Jonathon for those.

Primary Weapon Values:

Assault Rifles:

M4A1 – 0d
Famas – 0f
Scar – 11
Tar-21 – 12
FAL – 10
M16A4 – 0c
ACR – 13
F2000 – 0e
AK-47 – 08

Sub Machine Guns:

MP5K – 0c
UMP45 – 18
Vector – 17
P90 – 16
Mini-Uzi – 15

Light Machine Guns:

L86 LSW – 22
RPD – 21
MG4 – 24
AUG – 23
M240 – 25

Sniper Rifles:

Intervention – 27
Barret .50 Cal – 26
WA2000 – 29
M21 EBR – 28

Secondary Weapon Values:

Machine Pistols:

PP2000 – 19
G18 – 07
M93 Raffica – 01
TMP – 1a


Spas-12 – 20
AA12 – 1e
Striker – 1d
Ranger – 1c
M1014 – 1b
Model 1887 – 1f


USP .45 – 03
.44 Magnum – 06
M9 – 02
Desert Eagle – 04
Gold Desert Eagle – 05


AT5-HS – 31
Thumper – 32
Stinger – 30
Javelin – 2f
RPG-7 – 2b


Riot Shield – 39
One Man Army Backpack – 3b


Grenade Launcher – 01
Red Dot Sight – 02
Silencer – 03
ACOG Scope – 04
Grip – 05
Akimbo – 06
Thermal – 07
Shotgun – 08
Heartbeat Sensor – 09
FMJ – 0a
Extended Mags – 0b
Rapid Fire – 0c
Holographic Sight – 0e
Tactical Knife – 0f


Frag Grenade – 59
Semtex – 58
Throwing Knife – 3a
Tactical Insertion – 1a
Blast Shield – 53
Claymore – 52
C4 – 59

Special Grenades:
Flash – 35
Stun – 37
Smoke – 36

Desert – 01
Arctic – 08
Woodland – 02
Digital – 03
Urban – 09
Blue Tiger – 05
Red Tiger – 04
Fall – 0a
Gold – 06
Blue Cheetah – 07
Red Cheetah – 0B
Platinum – 0c

Perk 1:
Marathon – 37
Sleight of Hand – 13
Scavenger – 31
Bling – 40
One Man Army – 3d

Perk 2:
Stopping Power – 0e
Lightweight – 28
Hardline – 4c
Cold Blooded – 36
Danger Close – 0b

Perk 3:
Commando – 3f
Steady Aim – 10
Scrambler – 23
Ninja – 41
Sitrep – 0a
Last Stand – 0c

Note: You must replace these with equipment, it is the only way they will work.
06 – UAV Jammer
14 – Bandiler

5. How to swap them
So what to do with all these values?

First, find the item you wish to edit and click on its value. I will be editing the camo of my weapon.

Then, click the number again and you will be able to edit it. I will be changing mine to Blue Cheetah (07)

After editing, it will turn red. Don’t worry, you didn’t screw up.

6. Saving and injecting your mpdata
After you finish editing your mpdata, save it. Now open Horizon back up and go back to the contents tab, right click and this time select overwrite. Choose the file you just edited.

Now go back to the general tab. Unselect resign and rehash and hit save changes.

Now open up mpdata resigner and open your mpdata. It should say success. Now open Hash Block Calculator. Then hit tools, calculate hash blocks. Now we are ready to inject the mpdata back into your hdd!

Open up xport/xplorer. Navigate back to Partition 3 >Content >E0000000000 >41560817. Now click and drag your mpdata into the right window of the program. Hit ok to overwrite. Now unplug your hdd and load up the profile with the modded mpdata in split screen, and BAM theres ur mods.

BONUS: How to get three weapons
Open your mpdata and swap your special grenade with a weapon. Now you will have three weapons in your inventory so when you press y twice, you will get your third weapon!

Please Note:
You can’t put attachments like thermal on a secondary weapon or akimbo on assault rifles, etc; it will not show up. What you can do is swap special grenades for weapons, equipment for perks, stuff like that.

Bballa03 – Got all the hexediting and offsets!
Made this possible!

Thanks Happy Modding NGU!

From I iz 1337 [Fionn]

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