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Posted in Halo: Reach Mods and Hacks Posted September 28th, 2010 16 Comments

A Halo Reach Offline Profile with Max Rank and Max credits

Download Here

How to use it:
1)Open a profile from YOUR xbox(your own profile) up in modio.
2)You will see both profile and console id’s, copy the CONSOLE id.
3)Open up the Halo reach modded profile in modio.
4)Paste the Console Id of YOUR profile over the Console Id of the MODDED profile.
5)Press Rehash and Resign and your done

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16 Responses to “Halo Reach Offline Profile with Max Rank and Max credits”

  1. kysion Says:

    how do i mod a profile

  2. daniel Says:

    can bungie ban u for this

  3. Chris Says:

    Only if you go online.
    Offline they cant know and thus cant ban.

  4. Johan Says:

    Does this work for Mac?

  5. Kyle Says:

    this doesnt work its a file so he will get alot of downloads iv tried to hack it and it didnt work

  6. Alex Says:

    Does this work???

  7. Josh Says:

    This does work, however instead of console id you copy and paste the device id

  8. Benz Says:

    I don’t get this

  9. Kris Says:

    Hey don’t take this wrong, but could you find something on youtube for this?

  10. blitzANATOR13 Says:

    so does this work?, because im looking to download it but im not sure from the comments

  11. tommy Says:

    i have an online account. if i make a new account and hack it offline, can i still use my online account which i havnt hacked?

  12. xGavyn Says:

    im pretty broke, so some of the downloads for this mod dont work for me, plus most of the free ones require a servay, and also take money, does anyone know where to get a free servayless mod? or how to mod an account without a transfer cable?

  13. ruben Says:


  14. ruben Says:

    can you bant fore this

  15. harder Says:

    this site sucks hard tits

  16. Rome Says:

    Fuck all yall niggas

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