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Posted in Xbox 360 Mods and Hacks Posted October 23rd, 2010 1 Comment

Mod the Color of your Avatar on Xbox Live via this USB Mod

Avatar Color Modding: Easy
Risks:You Lose your avatar awards and can get temporary ban
Tools: Horizon
Xtaf Xplorer:
Tutorial Step 1: Open xtaf Xplorer and Xtract your profile as explained above.
Step 2: open Horizon and at the top choose Profile Mods/Avatar color.
Step 3: Chose open file/Desktop/Now your profile.
step 4: your name should appear in box now chose your colors and save.
Step 5: reopen xtaf explorer and go to profile Eooo now inject the folder from desktop and delete old one.
Step 6: put your profile back on xbox and enjoy your new avatar.

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One Response to “Avatar Color Mod (USB)”

  1. Tom Says:

    It is not a temp ban, modifying your avatar color is a perm ban on your account with no recourse, or hope of ever getting it back.

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