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Posted in Xbox 360 Mods and Hacks Posted October 23rd, 2010 2 Comments

Use a Custom Theme Instead of the Default on your Xbox 360.

Custom Theme Mod:
Risks: None i know of unless you corrupt your file.
Tools: Xtaf Xplorer:
Tutorial Step 1: first move one of your themes from hard drive to usb.
Step 2: now open xtafxplorer and find the file that starts with 000 now open to next folder.
Step 3: shrink xtafxplorer and open modio.
Step 4: once in modio choose other tools and theme creator.
Step 5: add the pics you want and save to desktop.
Step 6: reopen xtafxplorer and inject the file into the folder after the three 0’s
Step 7: Move back to xbox and choose your new theme and enjoy.

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