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Use this USB Mod to change your Gamerscore on the Xbox 360.

Gamerscore modding: Easy to med
risks: You can get banned if you are noticed so don’t add to much at a time.
Tools:xtaf xplorer-
Le Fluffie-
Tutorial: Step 1: Move your profile to usb. Just go into system settings/Memory/Hard drive/Profiles/ Now choose
the profile you want to mod and move to memory stick/ Usb
Step 2: Now move the memory stick to your computer and open Xtaf Xplorer.
Step 3: choose content and keep choosing until you reach the end should begin with E000
Step 4: now choose extract and extract to your desktop.
Step 5: dont close xtaf xplorer just shrink. Now open Le Fluffie.
Step 6: In the top left corner choose file/Desktop/then the file you extracted earlier.
step 7: a new window should open now choose Profile
Step 8: now choose unlock all this will unlock all achievements for your played games and add gamerscore.
Step 9: If you have other GPD’S you can add them by going to add games then choosing them then unlock all.
Step 10: Open Modio Drag the file from your desktop and choose Rehash and Resign.
Step 11: now reopen Xtaf Xplorer and choose inject/Desktop/the modded file Eooo
step 12: Delete the top file which is your old one. Close all programs.
Step 13: move the usb back to xbox and move profile back to hard drive.
Step 14: sign in and enjoy the Gamerscore.

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