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Change Your GamerTag with this USB Mod for the Xbox 360

GamerTag Modding: Easy to med
Risks: Can get banned if you go around bragging.
Tools: Ezgt2.1- http://www.filefront…z—
Tutorial; Step 1: Move Profile to usb as explained above and once again extract your profile using Xtaf Xplorer
as explained above.
Step 2: open ezgt Go to little guy in corner and choose open/Desktop/Then add profile Eooo
Step 3: go to add and choose your gamertag you want. now save to Desktop.
Step 4: Open the file you just created and go to the end now open modio and drag and drop the last file
you come to unto modio now rehash and resign.
step 5: now open Xtaf Xplorer and back up until you reach content. Now click on content to next folder and choose inject folder
/Desktop and the folder you made with ezgt.
Step 6: close everything move usb back to xboxand move profile back to hard drive.
Step 7: you must sign in to modded name go into say mw2 go all the way to xbox live and it will say .
“this profile can not play on xbox live and it will give option to sign into another profile.
Now sign int original profile you modded and go into xbox live multiplayer and enjoy the new gamertag

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