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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted November 8th, 2010 16 Comments

A Care Package Glitch/ Unlimited Air Drops In Call of Duty: Black Ops

Step 1: Get a 5 kill streak care package (or 4 with hardline on)

Step 2: Find a good place to hide, then toss your care package FIRST then immediately throw a tomohawk (or special grenade)

Step 3: Pick it up and use the care package, you should have another one if done correctly. I’ve only been able to do it 3 times in a row successfully however with scavenger on you can do it unlimited times (or wait till you die to refresh tomohawk/special grenades)

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16 Responses to “Care Package Glitch [Patched]”

  1. Steven Says:

    thanks just need this to finish my perk

  2. cmon man Says:

    ur a fag for deleting teh video

  3. terrence Says:

    do not call him a fag because for all we know u could be a mother fucker or a bitch

  4. Your Mum Says:

    Fuck you, bunch of cheating cunts. When you are any good at the game then you might be able to stop trying to cheat hahahahaha

  5. Hiya Says:

    Does it still work?

  6. Joey joejoe Says:

    Just checked – DOES NOT WORK

  7. thalwlmstr Says:

    this just sucks balls

  8. Starcraft 2 Guide Says:

    Is anyone even surprised at this glitch ?

  9. matt Says:

    just got done playing tdm in summit and a enemy had the black care package…
    so I guess it still does work.. he got a cobra but my launcher wouldn’t lock on

  10. timothy Says:

    is anyone sure dat dis glitch will work???

  11. Alex Says:

    Its fukin patched i treid all day to do the care package glitch all i did was fukin flash myself with concussions and losin my tomohawks

  12. admin Says:

    Sorry about that, I changed the title to reflect that it is Patched.

  13. Dr.Coffin Says:

    it work on wii still lol, had a game and prob had about 60 cares on at the same time

  14. Shit you bitches Says:

    “FAG Cunt bitch shit fuckers bastards crap piss dick cheesy bum crak vagina and bolloks” said Shit you bitches

  15. Mr. Right Says:

    The glitch has been patched. In other words, it no longer works. No matter what the hell you try to do.

  16. dawson Says:

    it works but u cant use the second one

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