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Get the First Strike Map Pack For Free in Black Ops

Source: CoDGlitch

Hey All Got Another Tutorial For You Guys – This Is Almost Identical To My WAW Maps for Black Ops Thread, Reason for that being is to do this you must follow the same steps that you do for that

This Method also allows you to play either Solo, Split-Screen, Private Or Online With All 5 DLC Maps + “Kino Der Toten” – “FIVE” & Dead Ops Arcade.
I Believe If you’ve previously got the WAW Maps via this Method you can add to it.

It’s Really Simple & Rather Fast, Just 7 Easy Steps

So Lets Get Started Then Shall We?

Step 1: Download The Maps/Files (Link Below)

Step 2: Create A Xbox 360 Capable Flash Drive (Tutorial Link Below)

Step 3: Plug Flash Drive Into Your Computer Of Choice

Step 4: Install “USB Xtaf XPLORER V17” )Link Below)

Step 5: Open “Xtaf” It Will Ask You if You Want To Download A New Version (Click Yes, You Now Have V44)

Step 6: Now Do The Following:


“Open Device Selector”

“Select Your Flash Drive”

“Open Drive”

“Right Click In The Open Space”

“New Folder Named: Content”

“Open It”

“Right Click Into The Open Space Again”

“New Folder Named: 0000000000000000”

“Right Click Into The Open Space”

“Inject File”

“Open The File Named: “00000002” (DLC/41560855/00000002) – Inject The File Inside”

Now Go Back To The “Content” Folder

“Right Click Into The Open Space Once Again”

“Inject File”

“Open The File Named: “000100000” (Prince/E00/FFE/0001000) – Inject The File Inside”

“Wait For It To Finish (Could Take About 5min)”

“Eject FD From Your Computer & Plug It Into Your 360”

Step 7:

“Turn On Controller 2, Sign Into “Prince Of Crack”

(The Dash Board Will Refresh It’s Self)

“Start Black Ops – Select FD From The Save Device Menu”

(An Error Will Pop Up, Just Hit A, Then A again On The Next Error)

“Go Into Zombies, Solo”

“While Looking At The Map Selection Screen (If Done Right You Have 6 +
Dead Ops) Sign Out Of Prince”

“Press B To Exit To The Menu, It’ll Now Be Orange”

“Now You Can Either Go Solo Or XBL (If You Try With Prince
Signed In, You Won’t Be Able To Connect)”

Your Done, Please Share With Only A Limited (Smart) Group Of Friends, So This Doesn’t Some How Get Patched

If You Want To Avoid The Errors, Then Follow These Steps:

“With Only Your GT Signed In Start Black Ops”

“Sign Into Prince of Crack From The Main Menu (Start Screen)”

“Press “Start” Using Your GT”

“Go Into “Solo Zombies”

“Sign Out Of Taco While Viewing Map Select Screen”

“Let It Load You Back To The Main Menu, Press Start.”

“Load Flash Drive”

“Now Choose Game Mode You Wanna Play.”

“Done, This Should Avoid Those Errors”

If you have any issues using this method on Black Ops, Let Me Know.

“The Video below uses the drag and drop method, I do not but your welcome to, it’s just drag and drop leaves openings for error, I’d rather avoid when Possible.”

Semi Decent Video Tutorial


USB Format Tutorial:
How to Format a USB Flash Drive on an XBox 360 |

Torrent Link Of Maps:

Bittorent 7.2

Xstaf Xplorer v17
USB Xtaf Xplorer v17 – Download from –

Enjoy Your Maps, Partial Credit Goes To Members of “” “alexisthebest” – “giantsfan706” & “Ecko3361” & kyle247i

Original Text Tutorial By Crucifer, Video Tut, Coming Soon.

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13 Responses to “First Strike Map Pack For Free [Patched]”

  1. Alex Says:

    When I discconect the ” prince of crack ” the maps does’t work.. but i have it on my hard drive :S can somebody help my?

  2. DooMsDaYHD Says:

    This would work for the zombie map. but it wouldn’t let me play the Live maps


    u are a poor son of a bitch cant even afford the map pack go get a job do something productive in your life than having to hack to get something free you piece of shit while all of the people who have a life actually pay

  4. Guy that is pissing off guy up here Says:

    Dude, if it is handy… why not? and why are you looking over here when you can “afford” it? you are a gay person!

  5. Zamuron Says:

    Tanks for the tut (From Portugal)

  6. Austin Says:

    If this was YouTube I would like the last post.

  7. need help Says:

    plz help me. i bought a 4000 MP card. i try to download the new map packe (without hacks,etc) and it says “the content isn’t available in your location”what shoul i do? i wanna use hack as a measure of last resort” so help me plz

  8. gamefan5108 Says:

    i think its MAD easier to by the mp then download the map pack.

  9. flagday99 Says:

    wow to much computer stuff i cant do all that

  10. shaggy99 Says:

    it just keep saying “Corrupted Profile” what should i do ?

  11. 123456789 Says:

    this is patched now you cant use it anymore

  12. admin Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I changed the title to “[Patched]”

  13. dave Says:

    this really sucks, even eidos said that the $60 initial fee to buy the game was because they said no-one should have to pay for any updates…

    Its activision that are the cheap basters NOT ME!!!

    Make the game initially cheaper and charge for updates or sell at the $60 and give free updates cant have both you cheap activision bastards!!!

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