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Get Out of Grid, Swim Under Grid, and Fall from the Sky on the Map Grid in CoD: Black Ops

Get Out of Grid, Swim Under Grid, and Fall from the Sky on the Map Grid in CoD: Black Ops

Source: TheTeslaEffect

**How to Get On Top of the Building**

1.) After you’re out of the map go to the back of the building, that has a ladder on it. (You can’t climb the ladder, the game doesn’t let you.)

2.) You need to create a ladder by throwing carepackages on top of each other, so you can jump on top of the roof.

3.) Stack 3 or more carepackages crates on top each other.

4.) Jump up the carepackages, until you’re on the top.

5.) Get a running start, then jump onto the roof.

**How to Fall Out of the Sky, on Grid**

1.) Go to the frozen water infront of the small drain pipe thing.

2.) Run down the stream.

3.) The snow will gradually become higher than you, keep going, it doesn’t slow you down, or stop you from going further.

4.) A concrete road will appear under the snow.

5.) Go down the concrete road, until you reach the end.

6.) Jump off the edge of the map.

7.) After a few seconds of falling down, you will teleport up into the sky, and fall down twice, to the very bottom of the map.

**How to Swim Underneath the Map**

1.) You can only swim, after you have jumped off of the map, and finished falling.

2.) When you finish falling, your character will start to swim. (You begin to swim automatically, you don’t need to do a thing )

3.) That’s it! You are now swimming underneath the map!

Congrats! You Did It! Now You Have Just Fallen From the Sky [Twice], Reached the Very Bottom of the Map, and Now Can Swim Around!

Have Fun Exploring Every Inch of Treyarch’s Design!


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