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Out of the Map Nuketown in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Out of the Map Nuketown in Call of Duty: Black Ops


1.) Go to “Multiplayer”
2.) Select “Private Match” *You will be doing the carepackage glitch, so you will need a second controller, or a partner.
3.) Choose the map “Nuketown”.
4.) Set the game mode to either FFA, Team Deathmatch or Domination *Make sure that the time limit is set to unlimited, and the winning (game/round) ending score is set to the highest possible.
5.) You can have any classes you want, but one with the “Hardline [Pro]” perk, is recommended, to gain carepackages quickly.
6.) Set each of the 3 different Killstreaks as carepackages.
7.) Edit the “Hardline [Pro]” perk’s killstreak reduction as ” -3 ”
8.) Start the game.
9.) Boost (kill each other) until each of you has a fairly large number of carepackages.
10.) Go to the backyard of the Green painted house.
11.) Walk over to the “gazebo” like box, that has a lot of flowers in it
12.) Plant your “Tactical Insertion”, in the corner where the “gazebo” touches the wooden fence.
13.) Prepare to do the carepackage glitch.
* If you don’t know how to do the carepackage glitch, search it on Se7ensins, and tutorials will come up *

Doing the Carepackage Glitch:

To get out of Nuketown, you have to do this glitch slightly differently then on any other map. After placing your tactical insertion where the “gazebo” touches the wooden fence, and throwing a few carepackages correctly, try to knife your partner. Standing on the ground surrounding Nuketown is not solid, and you will fall through, and die. Immediately after you press the knife/melee button, sprint forward. If done correctly, you will be standing on a small, one inch strip of solid land. Do NOT go backwards any further. You will fall through, and die. Plant your tactical insertion anywhere. To stay out of the map and survive, always walk, or run while your in contact with the wooden fence (so you will always be on *solid* ground.)

How to Explore:

Exploring outside Nuketown is easy. You must throw a carepackage, stand on it, then keep throwing carepackages, which you will use as platforms that will be a solid surface to stand on. That’s it! Have Fun Exploring The Desert, Neighboring Houses! Thanks to DoctorDitchy, For Discovering that Turrets Can Be Placed Under the Map, and Remain Fully Functional! (<-- Seriously, I would have never thought of, or tried that on my own.) I DID NOT FIND THIS...

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