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Posted in Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches Posted April 4th, 2011 4 Comments

A Glitch in the Zombies Map Ascension

A Glitch in the Zombies Map Ascension

1. Call the lander to the area where the sickle is.

2. Have someone buy the lander, and wait till’ the gates rise.

3.Crouch, the sit facing the left side of the lander.

4. Ride on the lander untill it briefly stops, then jump off onto the building.

5. Jump pipe to pipe untill you reach the ground.

6. Get behind the rocket and jump down to the first platform on the launch pad.

7. When you get to the bottom of the launch pad you should see pack-a-punch.

The best part is that the zombies CANT GET IN!!!!!  (THE WHOLE THING WORKS BETTER WITH A PARTNER)

By: A-Beast

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4 Responses to “Zombies Glitches: Ascension Lander and Pack-a-Punch”

  1. dragonmage Says:

    i knew this ages ago

  2. andymac Says:

    Well they patched it douschebag. This is a new way you ass

  3. sam Says:

    just cause people do this cause it was patched doesnt mean we couldnt do it allready ass

  4. 1nsaint Says:

    thnx good thing you didnt post a vid
    treyarch patches everything they see on youtube

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