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Get Outside of the Map Zoo in Black Ops

Get Out of and Explore Zoo in Black Ops

Text Tutorial

1.) To get out of this map, you need to do the carepackage glitch.

**How to Do the Carepackage Glitch**

I.) With your partner, kill each other so you both gain a fairly large amount of carepackages. (For the best, and fastest results, you, and your partner shouls have at least 15 carepackages each.)
II.) Place your “Tactical Insertion”, in the corner.

III.) Throw the carepackages, so that they are positioned over your insertion. Your goal is to spawn from the tactical insertion, so that you are inside the carepackage crate.

IV.) Now the person who is inside of the carepackage, tell your partner to come over, and try to knife him. If done correctly, your knife will stab into the air, and not into your partner.

V.) Keep knifing, and while you lunge, make your character walk backwards.

VI.) It may take a few tries, but trying to knife your partner, while in a carepackage will cause your character to move backwards, and out of the map!

VII.) Now plant your tactical insertion, and go explore every inch of Treyarch’s design.

2.) Go to E4 on the maps grid reference then go to where the little tower is and look behind you there should be a gate with a pillar next to it
3.) Plant TI in corner next to the pillar.
4.) Now try and do the Care Package glitch!
5.) You will now be outside the map!

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